Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chaval al hazman

Home. Walking. Library. Walking. Beach. Walking. Home
The shortest way to describe the past 2 weeks in Tel Aviv

Merav has been really helpful again. I couldn't thank her enough. She found a room for me in a shared apartment and she even lent money the time a bank transfer went through. On refugee day, she invited me to the screening of “ Desert Flower”, the true story of Waris Dirie, UN Ambassador for the abolition of female genital cutting. A must watch.

Liran, my flatmate, is a really nice guy. Iraqi-Israeli, he is a peaceful man when it comes to politics.
I am told that only a minority of people think that way.

South Soudan is to be recognized as a State by Israel, but Palestine is not.
The Flotilla and the Peace Meeting in Palestine have been banned.
People in Tel Aviv watch the news on TV like if it had happened on the other side of the planet.
And yet, we are so close from the wall.

Who am I to judge anyway? I'm in my own bubble, enjoying beautiful sunsets on the beach. While another world is on fire, just a few kilometres away.

I still wonder why I made the choice to come back here.
Can't find a job without a visa. Not Jewish. So why Israel?
The luxury of choice...
Well, for now I'm learning some Hebrew. I start the intensive 6week-Ulpan course as from tomorrow.

Chaval al hazman ( pronounced Raval al hazman )
If you literally translate it, it means : it's a waste of time
But it actually also means the opposite.

My stay in Israel is ….Chaval al hazman....
Don't know how to translate it yet.

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  1. You Know - - - its one of those personality strengthening adventures..... :-)

    good luck at school!!!!!